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Minimalist Machine Clone

June 25, 2010

Published: 2010-06-25
Updated: 2010-06-28

I was faced with the problem of cloning one Ubuntu server box to another. My solution is purposefully minimalist, requiring only a bootable Linux CD-ROM (I used the Xubuntu 10.04 Desktop CD-ROM) and an external USB drive to transfer the HDD data.


Deleting VirtualBox Snapshots

June 18, 2010

Published: 2010-06-18

The Discard current snapshot and state command dishappeared as of VirtualBox version 3.1 leaving VirtualBox with no obvious way of deleting snapshot disk state (the misnamed Delete Snapshot command merges the snapshot into the parent). The good news is that you can delete snapshots using the branched snapshots feature introduced in version 3.1.


Merging and Compacting VirtualBox Snapshots

June 17, 2010

Published: 2010-06-19
Updated: 2010-06-20
Updated: 2013-12-08

Using the VirtualBox GUI to manually merge lots of snapshots is time consuming and fiddly so I wrote a Python script called to do this automatically. The script merges a snapshot branch into the base VDI with a single command (it also illustrates how easy it is to script VirtualBox using Python).