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Keeping a lid on Mobile data

July 17, 2011

Published: 2011-07-17

How to configure your Android phone to automatically turn off the mobile data connection once your mobile data limit is reached.


Using an iPad to access remote Windows desktops

July 16, 2011

Published: 2011-07-16
Updated: 2011-07-26 (added Q&A)

I went from initial scepticism, when I started looking for a usable iPad remote desktop solution for accessing Windows PCs, to (almost) wild enthusiasm.

I evaluated four of the best iPad remote access apps and am delighted to have found one that does exactly what I want. This post outlines why I settled on Jump Desktop along with a few usage tips.


CoffeeScript for Command-line Apps

July 8, 2011

Published: 2011-07-08
Updated: 2011-10-27: published the app to github and the npm registry.

This post details my learning experience porting a command-line application I previously wrote in Python to CoffeeScript.