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Blogger Backend for AsciiDoc

September 11, 2012

Published: 2012-09-11

The AsciiDoc backend plugin for Google’s Blogger blog hosting service is hosted on Github, it generates Blogger friendly HTML markup from AsciiDoc source.


Fossil Backend for AsciiDoc

August 30, 2011

Published: 2011-08-30
Updated: 2012-09-11, 2012-08-30, 2011-09-04, 2011-08-22

The AsciiDoc Fossil backend plugin is hosted on Github, it generates Fossil friendly Wiki markup from AsciiDoc source. As of version 1.0.0 (2012-08-30) the Fossil backend plugin embeds linked images and admonition icons in the wiki documents.


Publishing eBooks with AsciiDoc

August 23, 2010

Published: 2010-08-23
Updated: 2010-05-08

It’s easy to write and publish books in EPUB and PDF formats using AsciiDoc. This article was originally published on the AsciiDoc website.

Here are three examples: The first is a minimal example introducing the AsciiDoc format, the second The Brothers Karamazov is a rather long multi-part book and the third The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes includes a front cover image and customized page styling.


Blogging with AsciiDoc

May 15, 2008

Since this blog was written many new features have been added to blogpost — see blogpost media processing

I make lots of notes using AsciiDoc, the sort of stuff that’s to minor and/or not rigorous enough for formal publication, but possibly useful to others.

So I decided it was about time I started posting my notes to a blog. Creating and maintaining posts using the normal browser based interfaces was not an option — just to tedious for words. So I looked around for an HTML friendly blog host that could make a reasonable job of rendering AsciiDoc generated HTML.