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This Blog has moved

January 3, 2015

As of December 2014 this blog has moved to, you can find all my old posts and new ones there.

The new blog is hosted on Github Pages and has been completely rebuilt using Hugo.

Installing Mono 2.0 on Ubuntu 7.10

October 8, 2008

Currently the Mono project does not release Ubuntu binary packages so if you want the latest version of Mono you need to compile and install yourself. I use the Xubuntu, Here are the steps I took to install Mono 2.0 on Xubuntu 7.10:


blogpost media processing

May 22, 2008

blogpost 0.9.0 adds lots of new features to the previous 0.1.0 release. The most important feature in the blogpost 0.9.0 release is WordPress media file management:

  • Media files (images, videos, audio, document) referenced in your AsciiDoc (or HTML) documents are automatically uploaded and linked to the uploaded blog.
  • Only new or modified media files are uploaded (changes detected using cached MD5 checksums).
  • Metadata caching means post options are remembered and don’t need to be repeated every time you update your posts.
  • WordPress Pages can be posted and updated (blogpost includes a patched containing Page methods).